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Gebäude in 63, Minamimachi, Mitsuwai Building in Himeji 1 Gebäude in 63, Minamimachi, Mitsuwai Building in Himeji 2 Gebäude in 63, Minamimachi, Mitsuwai Building in Himeji 3 Gebäude in 63, Minamimachi, Mitsuwai Building in Himeji 4 Gebäude in 63, Minamimachi, Mitsuwai Building in Himeji 5 Gebäude in 63, Minamimachi, Mitsuwai Building in Himeji 6 Gebäude in 63, Minamimachi, Mitsuwai Building in Himeji 7 Gebäude in 63, Minamimachi, Mitsuwai Building in Himeji 8

Hyogo, Himeji Ekimae

63, Minamimachi, Mitsuwai Building, Himeji, Hyogo, 670-0912

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Montag:08:30 to 18:00
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Himeji City, Hyogo Prefecture is the second largest city in Hyogo Prefecture with 540,000 people after Kobe City. As a base that links the Osaka-Kobe Hanshin area with the Chugoku-Shikoku region such as Okayama-Hiroshima-Takamatsu, and the Sanin area, it is positioned as a historically important city. Himeji Castle, a symbol of Himeji City, attracts tourists from around the world, and Himeji City is now bustling as a business and a tourist and commercial area.

With its lively Himeji city center area, the Regus Himeji Center, a coworking space, rental office, opens in front of Himeji Station, serving as a local company office, a branch of a major company expanding nationwide, a branch office, a satellite office It is utilized. In front of JR "Himeji Station" used by many business workers on Sanyo Shinkansen, conventional lines and private railways. It is a 3-minute walk from there, and a 2-minute walk from Sanyo Electric Railway "Sanyo Himeji Station". It is adjacent to the main intersection, the main intersection of Otemae-dori and the twelve intersections where the front line overlaps. It is the very center of Himeji city, and its visibility is excellent. In addition, it is adjacent to the Harima Rinkai Industrial Zone where steel and chemical plants and power plants are built, and the offices of each plant and offices of affiliated companies are concentrated around Himeji Station.

The Regus Himeji Ekimae Center is equipped with a variety of facilities and services that can be used efficiently and functionally as work spaces for companies active in Himeji. Each office, which can be used by 1 to 10 people or more, can be expanded according to the success of your business, and flexibly respond to high-speed growth of branch companies and venture companies. It is also possible to use the desk unit and a short-term contract. The reception staff, office furniture, copier / printer and Wifi environment are already equipped, so you can start your business in Himeji right away. Please visit the Regus Himeji Ekimae Center and experience the value of Regus.

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63, Minamimachi, Mitsuwai Building

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